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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is constantly adapting to how search engines evolve. Because of this fluidity, it’s important to stay up to date with the industry via reputable SEO resources. Below is a list of ASTOUNDZing resources for SEO. If you feel that you have an additional resource to add to this list, contact us.

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Today’s Search Engine Forecast

Today, August 18, 2022

Every day search engine rankings change. Tracking across millions of search queries, we can get an idea of how severe some days are in position changes. Consistent days of high activity usually indicate a major search engine algorithm update has taken place.


ASTOUNDZ SEO & Digital Marketing Blog

Every month our SEO experts at ASTOUNDZ publish a blog that goes into detail breaking down the most recent SEO & Digital Marketing news.

All About Instant Indexing: Getting Your Website Found Faster!

All About Instant Indexing: Getting Your Website Found FASTER!

It’s been a busy summer here at ASTOUNDZ! From launching new websites, starting new SEO campaigns, and working with clients to build successful PPC ad campaigns, the team has still found time to research and implement new solutions. The digital landscape only...

The Big Google Analytics Migration: Ua To G4

The Big Google Analytics Migration: UA to G4

Earlier this year in March, Google officially announced that Universal Analytics would be shuttered and that G4 would become the new way in which Google Analytics tracked and collected website traffic data.In addition to this announcement, there’s been a lot of...

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Great SEO Websites:

Our SEO team is constantly checking these websites for breaking news & trends in the search engine landscape:

Essential SEO Twitter Accounts

Twitter has and still serves as one of the best platforms for finding SEO resources. Oftentimes, these resources are curated by select accounts, and because Twitter sorts by a timeline, you can always be confident that you’ll be finding brand-new, extremely relevant information.

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