As part of always trying to ASTOUNDZ our clients, we have 5 commitments to our clients.


We will always strive to be very responsive to our clients’ needs and all of our websites are built on a responsive platform, meaning they will work on a multitude of devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids and Desktops. To compete in today’s competitive search engine landscape, a website must be responsive and no one is better than ASTOUNDZ to build a responsive website and to quickly respond to our clients’ needs.


Your website must be communicative and at ASTOUNDZ, we always want to be easy to work and communicate with. We strive to always communicate in a timely fashion where we are on your projects and we use a web-based project management tool (ASANA) to keep our clients in the loop and updated at all times.


With our roots as an SEO company, all of the websites developed by our Website Development team and SEO Experts are fully optimized to compete in today’s highly competitive Organic SEO landscape.


With our service ticket system and dedication to always providing stable, secure websites, we want you to know you can always count on ASTOUNDZ to provide an extremely reliable and secure website. Not only do we host on best-in-class hosting environments, we also add an extra layer of security with our partner Sucuri.net.


This is our greatest commitment of all. With our other commitments and dedication to great communications, it is our goal for our clients to never be surprised in a negative way. We also do not require any long-term commitments or have any hidden charges. We hope the only surprise you see is our dedication to world-class service.

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