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The Houston Restaurant Weeks website needed a more sophisticated set of menu’s to accomplish their goals, increase web and restaurant traffic and raise dollar donations to the Houston Food Bank in 2015. Visitors to the site needed to be able to find food/categories by location, meal type and food type in a “One Click” fashion to make a reservation.


Houston Restaurant Weeks wanted to increase revenue by 20% and gain traffic to their site. The website started in 2003 as a do it yourself basic brochure website. ASTOUNDZ took it on as a totally donated higher functioning website, increasing donations by almost $100,000 our first year. Over the years we have redone the look and feel of the website itself, making it twice as functional. In 2015 we realized the need for a more user friendly, well organized system. Our team along with Cleverley Stone, founder of HRW, worked together to take on this task.


The Houston Restaurant Weeks site received stunning increases across the board from the previous year. In fact, the website’s page views grew from 955,614 to 3,231,957 views; up a whopping 238.21 percent from 2014. Page views are not the only notable growth; sessions were up from 549,477 to 881,482 equaling 60.42 percent and users rose to 432,758 versus 329,109 amounting to 31.49 percent! The donation to the Houston Food Bank also escalated from before. The contributions set a ground breaking record by $300,000 raising a total of $1,900,174 and donated approximately 5.7 million meals to those in need.




“The new site that ASTOUNDZ has built for HRW has been truly effective. Given the tremendous volume of traffic spurred by social media and press coverage – most sites would collapse under the weight. Yet, the ASTOUNDZ site handles the volume extremely well! That and being very easy to navigate site allows for a friendly user experience!”

Melissa Stevens

Steven’s PR Group on behalf of Houston Restaurant Weeks

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