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Next Level wanted to improve their old site, figure out a solution to long wait times and also be the forerunner for urgent care facilities across the Houston Area. By enlisting a new website, the creation of a mobile app and our SEO services they were able to do just that. These services would allow their clients to be able to check-in prior to arrival thus, reducing wait times and their new site and SEO would help with ease of use and accessibility.


One of the challenges we faced in developing the Next Level mobile application was to make it as simple and easy as possible. We needed to cut down the time it would take to find directions to the nearest clinic and to contact the client from the moment you open the app. There were also design features that needed to be addressed properly for the website. They wanted to have the homepage of the website be an open waiting room and have their “find a location” to be a prominent feature.


We developed a simple two-step process that insures a smooth user experience. In just minutes away from the clinic, you can check into and have all pre-visit materials completed. This allows you to walk in and be seen immediately. Their new site has increased their business by more than 20 percent!


Old Design

New Design

“Before we found ASTOUNDZ we had two different website designs neither of which met our needs. We were so pleased to find that ASTOUNDZ could give us the whole package: a fresh appealing image and a structure that lends itself to optimization. As an added benefit, they use a framework that allows us to make changes to our site on our own. They have helped us to keep our site relevant and outperforming others in our field. ”

Juliet Breeze , CEO of Next Level Urgent Care

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