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Marketing Automation Solutions Geared Around The Sales And Marketing Funnel

We have marketing automation solutions for B2B, B2C, Enterprise, and SMB companies that will streamline your sales and marketing processes. B2B businesses will have their own requirements at they are a commerce operation between two businesses as opposed to B2C which will include commerce between business and consumers. Our marketing automation platform will also enhance cross-selling or selling a similar product or service during or after a related sale. Professional service providers, individuals with expertise in a given field such as lawyers, brokers, will also find marketing automation helpful for attaining new clients and retaining existing ones.


Marketing Tactics At Each Stage Of The Sales Funnel

Consumers will be at different levels of engagement depending on where they are in the sales funnel. Marketing automation helps you target customers in particular ways depending on which stage they are in. Marketing and sales strategies can be adjusted over time and tailored to what makes sense for your company’s target audience. Fine-tuning tactics to reach your audience over time will increase conversions and optimize your efforts. ASTOUNDZ is here to help you amplify the return on your marketing efforts.

Upselling And Cross-selling

Marketing Automation Tools For Your Company’s Goals

Upselling and cross-selling are just a couple of the ways that marketing automation software can increase your conversions effortlessly. Our automated system can help upgrade an existing purchase to more expensive goods or services with automated suggestions. Automated follow-up emails can cross-sell similar items or add-on services. Our marketing automation software has streamlined the tech stack into a consolidated seamless approach.


Drive More Leads Into The Sales Funnel

Successful marketing automation, whether through email campaigns, email marketing automation, or social media marketing will help prevent leads from falling out of the sales funnel. Are you only capturing a small percentage of web visitors with your web form? Our team can help customize a strategy for every stage of the buyer’s journey with our marketing automation tool. Drive more leads, and increase relevant leads which in turn increase conversions on your website with ASTOUNDZ as your guide to marketing automation. We will help you close more deals by sending the right message at the exact time of a customer’s sales journey.

Sales Funnel Customization

Sales Tactics And Marketing Strategies For Specific Stages Of The Funnel

With our proven marketing automation system, you will know what tactics to use at exactly which stage of the sales funnel to capture more leads and close more sales. By first optimizing the marketing message at each stage of the sales funnel, and then incorporating analytics and channel management, your sales strategies become more fine-tuned over time. Fill the gaps of missed opportunities, by upselling and cross-selling at the right moments.

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Capture More Leads With Marketing Automation

From email marketing, social media marketing, to lead nurturing, successful marketing automation is key to capturing more leads and closing more sales. When the goal is to capture as many prospective clients as possible, one tactic is to categorize, prioritize, and nurture them accordingly to their position in the sales funnel. Start nurturing leads as early as possible in the process as they are making decisions around your services or products.

ASTOUNDZ’ Recommended Funnel Tactics Include:


Personas and lead scoring

personalize dynamic emails and landing pages tailored to a lead’s score or personal interests

Search engine or social media lead capturing campaigns

utilize social media ad campaigns and Google ads integration coupled with strategic landing pages and personalized auto-response emails

Organic content marketing

form-gated content and search engine optimized landing pages with lead capturing forms

Blogs and expertise marketing

blog posts and RSS emails are good for capturing subscribers to engage with automated emails sharing new posts

Nurture Leads And Prioritize Qualified Leads In The Middle Of The Funnel

Once a customer journey has reached the middle of the sales funnel, this is the right time to focus the marketing strategy to nurture a lead and prioritize the most qualified leads. The goal at this stage is to convert prospective clients into scheduled appointments to further engage with your services or products. Lead scoring involves first establishing what the lead thresholds are. These will give an indication of which leads require more nurturing and which are ready for outreach and are ready for a sale. Marketing automation uses dynamic lists that are focused on a lead’s activity to segment certain audiences. Our marketing automation software uses progressive profiling forms to gather information related to audience segmentation to flesh out the lead’s persona.

Email Campaigns

Marketing Automation Tools For Email Drips

Now your lead is in the middle of the funnel and has had some interaction with your business. They may have called with an inquiry or filled out a form for more information. This is the right time to use an email drip marketing strategy to nurture your lead and keep them engaged. Using our marketing automation tools, you can set up appointment booking campaigns which are a set of dynamic emails built around relevant services and then link to landing pages for leads to book appointments or schedule consultations. Follow up to that email drip with pre-appointment email drips. The pre-appointment form can gather more information on leads with ‘new client questions’ which can be analyzed by staff before the potential client’s arrival for a consultation. These can also set off triggers for follow-up emails to check in with the lead after their appointment. Our marketing automation software can also be used for traditional outbound emails, customized with a contact’s information such as name or city to send out newsletters, special offers, or when a check-up is due.

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Use Marketing Automation To Convert More Leads To Sales At The Bottom Of The Funnel

Congratulations, your well-nurtured, qualified lead has finally made it to the bottom of the funnel. The goal here is to convert the prospective client into a paying customer. Schedule post-appointment campaigns by service. Use email drips to dynamically display additional information based on your client’s interests. Then schedule follow-up and return visit appointment drips to check in with your new clients or customers at specific intervals. To keep clients with longer-tailed decision timelines engaged, we can design a series of long-term nurture drip emails. These can be automated to send out reminder emails or to remind internal staff to make phone calls. Re-engagement campaigns are another way to utilize our marketing automation tool. Specially designed email campaigns can be sent to re-engage former clients and customers offering your new services or improved products.

Build Customers For Life With Marketing Automation

Once the sale is made or the client is signed on, you can continue to automate your customer relationship with automated after-the-sales tactics. This will increase the value of customers with increased brand awareness to create brand advocates. You can use welcome drips to welcome your new clients and introduce them to more of your related services with marketing automation. Initiate client satisfaction campaigns to automatically assign the most satisfied ones to a special list and solicit reviews or referrals from only the most satisfied clients. Service reminder campaigns are a good way to remind clients that service is due or they need to schedule their next appointment.

ASTOUNDZ’ Marketing Automation Tools To Build Leads

When you’re ready to learn more about marketing automation, give us a call at 713-904-5001. Our team of certified marketing automation experts is here to detail all of the possibilities that can come from using our platform. Whether you are looking to build qualified leads, or retain current customers effortlessly, we have the right solution for your marketing campaigns. Ask us how we can build an all-in-one solution to use marketing automation to create dynamic web page content to show on your website based on where a visitor is in the sales funnel.

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