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Google Analytics Is an Incredible Tool to Help You Make Data-Driven Decisions

Google Search Console: One of the most powerful SEO tools on the market today, Google Search Console, allows our Google specialists to quickly analyze your website’s performance. In the blink of an eye, our digital analytics tracking can give you the powerful data you need to make the best decisions for your business. Google Search Console helps rapidly find and fix technical issues plaguing your site and delivers in-depth site performance data. This data provides insight to show how your site is performing. Which search strings do users enter into Google to find your company’s products and service? It also shows which websites link directly to your business and even lets you know if your website is optimized for users on mobile devices. This data is essential for developing successful linking campaigns and ensuring your site is postured for success. Beyond a full suite of valuable information, Google Search Console can also be set up to push alert notifications to you when it detects technical issues, spam or indexing problems affecting your site. With this information at your fingertips, an analytics tracking specialist from our team can help you troubleshoot these problems and make the changes needed to help your website soar in the rankings.

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Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a fantastic one-stop-shop that allows businesses to get full-scope performance assessment data showing how their site content, advertising campaigns and products are performing. It also gives webmasters detailed statistical analysis data covering a wide range of site performance metrics. This data can be presented in a variety of formats such as spreadsheets, charts, graphs and more. Although it delivers deep SEO insight, such a powerful and agile tool can be overwhelming for many novice users. Due to the complexity of the information it gives, many companies choose to partner with SEO experts to get the most out of their Google Analytics data. At ASTOUNDZ, working hand-in-hand with a Google Analytics expert from our team helps our clients understand the range of information at their fingertips. Armed with deep insight into your site’s performance information, you will be well-placed to make the optimal, data-driven SEO decisions and updates required to see your company soar to the top of search results pages. Connect with the ASTOUNDZ team today and allow us to show you how we can capitalize on your Google Analytics performance data to help you dominate the competition.

Google Tag Manager: How long does an average user spend browsing content on your website? When they access your content, how much time do they devote to reading your blog articles, reading product descriptions, or watching your videos? Imagine the valuable insight you would glean having this kind of information in your hip pocket. It would certainly help you when optimizing your site to rank higher or to gain new potential clients. With Google Tag Manager or GTM, you can easily find all of this information and much more. GTM, at its core, tracks users’ behavior when they visit your website and allows you to set up tags for specific optimization goals and metrics. GTM also allows you to set up a trigger, or marker, which can track each time a visitor clicks on a specific link or scrolls down a webpage. With these triggers set up, business owners can determine if their site content is not resonating with the reader and could lead to the decision to update blogs and articles with more actionable, valuable information. Combine this data with the turbo-charged performance data you receive from Google Analytics, and you are in a fantastic position to initiate data-driven decisions to help your business soar to the next level.

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Bing Webmaster Tools: Similar to Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools helps business owners and webmasters conduct a fast and comprehensive analysis of their website’s performance in the Bing search engine. This tool also allows webmasters to register their domains with Bing to ensure they can be crawled and displayed correctly to users. Just like Google Search Console, this agile and user-friendly tool gives business owners the opportunity to gain detailed insight into how their site performs in the Bing search engine. It also offers a snapshot of all external links leading directly to your site and even conducts deep scans for the presence of malware, spam or other technical obstacles standing in your domain’s path to success. Users can also easily use this tool to submit new content and web pages for Bing’s review and crawling. In the hands of an expert digital analytics tracking & reporting specialist, Bing Webmaster Tools will show some of the best, and most cost-effective SEO solutions to implement to help your website rank higher. Work with one of our SEO experts today at ASTOUNDZ and let us show you how we can leverage this tool to help you enjoy maximized ROI backed by data-driven decision-making.

Microsoft Bing Clarity tracking: Clarity, as the name implies, delivers a clear picture of how visitors interact with the content hosted on your website. How much time does a user, on average, devote to reading an article, scanning through products, or watching a video on your site? Which web pages or specific areas of your site receive the most, and the least, user engagement? Answering these seemingly simple questions is where Microsoft Bing Clarity Tracking yields dividends for website owners. Learning more about these valuable trends and users’ behavior helps companies of all shapes and sizes better connect with potential leads. As a critical digital analytics tracking tool, Clarity is an essential element of an effective SEO campaign fueled by data-driven decision-making. It delivers session replays and heat maps to display the precise areas of your site that users engage with most, and least. Allow our SEO gurus at ASTOUNDZ to show you exactly how we can help you use this information to transform your performance. We specialize in helping our clients across all sectors translate user behavior data into specific actions they can take to radically enhance their standings in all major search engines.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Microsoft Clarity free?

Microsoft Clarity is 100% free to use. In fact, Microsoft pledged to keep this powerful tool free for everyone. In fact, there is no paid version with additional features. Despite this pledge to keep Clarity free for all to use, Microsoft went a step further and stated that they will not collect or share user data with third parties via Clarity tools. This exciting free tool can help businesses owners rank higher in Bing searches by getting deep insight into how users access and engage with their website. This resource is fueled by powerful SEO tools including user heat mapping and extensive user-friendly analytical capabilities. 

What is E Clarity MS?

Microsoft Clarity is a fantastic resource for website owners to discover the details of how users find and interact with them online. With just a few clicks, brands can easily discover the exact actions users take on a website. How much time are they actively engaged with your content? How long do they devote to reading your blogs or other written content? Where do they most often click on your pages? Clarity is an essential tool for any company that wants to maximize returns on SEO investments because it takes the guesswork out of where the shortfalls in your current strategy exists.

How do I set up Bing Webmaster?

Bing’s powerful Webmaster Tools help website owners gain greater insight into user behavior and is an important element of a full-scope SEO campaign. Setting up this tool is fast and easy. To get started, you’ll need to first establish a free account by signing in with an existing Microsoft, Facebook or Google account. If you do not have an account, setting one up is easy. Next, you will need to add and verify your website and establish that you are the owner. Just select “Add Sites” and complete the ownership verification process. Once your website is successfully added to Bing Webmaster Tools, you can quickly log in and get started.

What are Bing Webmaster Tools used for?

Bing Webmaster Tools are similar to Google Search Console but focus efforts on performance in the Bing search engine. Here, webmasters and website owners can quickly register their domains so they can be easily crawled and indexed. Also, Bing Webmaster Tools help business owners gain greater insight into how to best appeal to, and engage with, users. It will even help find and fix technical errors in coding on your site and keeps an eye open for spam or malware on your website. Use this tool to help make all of the necessary SEO tweaks and adjustments needed to grow your online footprint.

Does Google Tag Manager Help SEO?

At ASTOUNDZ, our technical experts are routinely asked to compare Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics to determine which tool is better optimized for SEO. The answer to this question is fairly straightforward as both tools ultimately help Google SEO campaigns succeed. Google Tag Manager gives website owners exact and detailed data on user behavior. It will show specific areas visited via a heatmap and can even track when a user clicks on a piece of content or product. Combined with the big picture strategy view from Google Analytics and brands are in an optimal position to maximize return on SEO investments and climb to the top of search engine results pages.

When should I use Google Tag Manager?

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, businesses, regardless of size or sector, need access to critical customer data when deciding how to invest in SEO. Google Tag Manager is a powerful SEO tool to help website owners better understand how users behave when accessing their content. Using this tool before and after an advertisement or SEO campaign is essential. Comparing this information could help show precisely how much user engagement increased, or decreased, when specific website technical changes were made, or when a new piece of content or product was released on your site. Armed with this data, you’ll be in a better position to make the data-based decisions your company needs to excel.

What does Google Tag Manager do?

With so many online data analysis tools at your disposal, you may be tempted to ask, “Why use Google Tag Manager?” Simply stated, it is one of the best tools available to gain deep insight into your customers. How are they finding your website? How long do they spend browsing your content? Which countries are they from? Are a majority of them using mobile devices to access your content? These are the million-dollar questions you need to answer when you are deciding when and where to invest your valuable SEO dollars. Google Tag Manager can help you answer these questions and make the adjustments you need to surge to the top of search engine results pages.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager helps website owners understand how visitors engage with content hosted on their site. This flexible tool is a must-have for any business hoping to rank higher in Google search. It will not only show how long users spend browsing specific parts of your website but can also give deep insight into how potential leads view your site’s content. One of the best Google Tag Manager functions, however, lies in its ability to set up triggers, or markers, to alert you each time a visitor clicks on a specific part of your site or scrolls past specific content or product listings.

What is G4 Google Analytics?

Google has taken its digital analytics tracking tool, Google Analytics, to the next level with the debut of Google Analytics 4. This exciting new tool, formerly called App + Web, allows companies to harness the power of advanced, machine-learning to dig deeper into understanding their customer base. Google Analytics 4 harnesses a suite of intelligent, automated tools to help website owners align SEO performance with advertising campaigns into an integrated architecture. This exciting new capability could help small to medium-sized businesses better connect with their target audience. Ultimately, this could help drive higher returns on investment for targeted ad campaigns and lead to a new generation of agile SEO tools.

What can you track with Google Analytics?

With Google Analytics, business owners can quickly track a spectrum of important information related to how users interact and engage with their website’s content. Specifically, Google Analytics excels at generating tailored reports showing the total number of site visitors for a specified time frame, the length of time users spend on a website, the number of page views, and the rate that users “bounce” or abandon a webpage before completing a specific action. Beyond this basic statistical data, webmasters can also use Google Analytics to find out what devices their visitors are using, where they are located and which avenue they used to find your site.

Is Google Analytics for SEO?

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful Google webmaster services on the market today to help businesses optimize their websites and content to rank higher on search engines results pages. It is absolutely one of the best avenues brands that want to rank higher in Google searches can use. One of its most crucial boosts for SEO comes in the form of site performance metrics. Here, even novice-level users can browse a collection of charts and graphs showing website load speeds, mobile device accessibility and, ultimately, how users engage with a website’s content. Discovering how a potential client reacts to your site’s content can help you make the adjustments needed to rank higher in Google search results.

What does Google Search Console do?

Google Search Console is an excellent resource for webmasters and business owners alike. It allows users to quickly gain access to and edit important information about how their website appears in Google search results. First of all, and perhaps most important, Google Search Console allows you to see if Google can actually locate and crawl, or quickly evaluate, your website. If, for some reason, Google is unable to access a site, or specific web pages, chances are they will not show up for users searching for the information, products or services that you provide. It also allows users to identify and fix a wide range of technical issues which could affect a site’s ranking on search results pages.

How do I access the Google Search Console?

Accessing Google Search Console to see how your website is performing in search results is fast and easy. In fact, anyone with a website can quickly enter Google Search Console by first logging into their Google business account. After logging in, navigate to the area labeled Google Webmaster tools and select “add a property,” then select “website.” Here, you will need to enter the URL of your website and complete a few verification steps to show that you are the owner. After completing these steps, you can quickly access a plethora of information and tools governing how your website is accessed by Google and you can even make changes to improve your site’s performance.