We know that your website is the online face of your company. At ASTOUNDZ, we offer a variety of services that will meet all of your website marketing needs.

Featured Websites

Featured Waste Connections Canada Commercial Frontload Dumpster Rental Hhc1749
B2C, Featured, Industrial, Services

Waste Connections

80% Increase in user interactivity
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B2B, Featured, Services

Hooker CPA Firm, PLLC

122% increase in users.
Goodwill Featured
Featured, Non-Profit

Goodwill of Houston

120+ locations registered & verified
Hmh Featured Img
Featured, Non-Profit

the Holocaust Museum Houston

63% increase in organic traffic
Crime Stoppers Featured
Featured, Non-Profit

Crime Stoppers of Houston

20% increase of organic mobile users
Mtyci Featured Img
E-Commerce, Featured

More Than You Can Imagine

75% increase in organic page views
Abrahams Oriental Rugs Featured
E-Commerce, Featured

Abraham’s Rugs

68% increase for organic page views
Texas Best Featured Img
B2C, Featured, Services

Texas Best Plumbing

30% increase in organic traffic
Dance Lessons Featured
B2C, Featured, Services

Dance Lessons Houston

113% increase in organic page views
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Indian Head Firewood

123% increase in organic traffic
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B2B, Featured, Technology


123% increase in organic traffic
Larry The Lender Featured Img
B2C, Featured, Services

Larry The Lender

123% increase in organic traffic

At ASTOUNDZ, all we do is build GREAT websites…
that are built to grow your business.

With our foundation as one of Houston’s best website design and leading SEO companies, all of our websites are built to rank well in the top search engines and show up in ONE Search, are very easy to navigate in ONE Click, all with our great team of experts so you can receive these incredible results with ONE Company. When you work with a top web design agency, the process is easier and the results are predictable…you, the customer, get what you want.

Featured Websites

ASTOUNDZ builds websites with intentional design to complement the growth of a company over time. We have developed a special methodology to scale websites flawlessly as a business expands its services, locations, or inventory. We understand that a website is much like a living, breathing thing and that ‘going live’ is just day one in its lifespan. 

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eCommerce Websites

At ASTOUNDZ we’ve created a solution with WordPress and Woo Commerce that we have customized for many customers that has worked so much better than all of the other eCommerce web-based products on the market. These clients have reported sales growth exponentially since the launch of their online store. This success is a demonstration of how ASTOUNDZing the product has been. We continue to look at the best possible solutions for our clients because we only want to deliver ASTOUNDZing products for both our clients’ and their users’ experience.

B2B Websites

One of the things we do at ASTOUNDZ is utilize questionnaires to make sure we are getting to the heart of what your business is and what your website is aiming to accomplish. We look into how people are searching for you versus how you think they are and compare that to your website’s competitors. Most of our clients are B2B businesses, so working business to business is what we do from professional services companies to industrial or financial companies, just to name a few. 

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B2C Websites

There’s nothing more important to B2C Websites than our One Click technology. We are going to give the customer that you’re seeking the opportunity to be your customer in one click. Our websites are gorgeous, but they are first and foremost intentionally designed to convert visitors into customers, leads, or clients. We are very proud to showcase our B2C clients and the retail operations we’ve created.

Professional Services’ Websites

Professional services’ websites including those for lawyers, accountants, and marketing firms, and other companies that augment/support a business will benefit greatly from great web design and SEO strategies from ASTOUNDZ. The key to our success with professional services websites is our dedication to understanding how their business operates and getting to the root of how they want to present themselves. We really pay attention through our questionnaires and competitive analysis to understand their marketplace. We then strategize how to present them as serious thought leaders who are capable and successful with their own clients. 

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Service Businesses Websites

Service businesses websites for plumbers, electricians, roofers all have one crucial step in common, people are trying to reach you directly. If someone is searching for a plumber, there may be water spraying out of a broken pipe and they urgently need to contact someone to come out to their house. This is where intentional design and local SEO can play a huge role in a website’s success. A click-to-call phone number needs to be prominently displayed, especially for mobile devices. Someone looking for a roofer won’t want to find websites for an out-of-state company, they will want the best roofer in their town. 

Technology Websites

Technology websites need to be able to speak to the consumer, who is typically not a tech-savvy individual. ASTOUNDZ has experience across the board of technology websites from managed IT companies to wind turbines and more. We help tech companies present themselves in a user-friendly and easily navigable way online. 

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Non-Profit Organization Websites

ASTOUNDZ believes in doing well by doing good in the community. This is important to everyone on our team. By supporting our non-profit organization clients, we can support our community in so many ways. From domestic violence to providing job opportunities, and feeding those living with food insecurity, ASTOUNDZ has pledged to help local and national non-profit organizations by building beautiful websites that engage and influence others to take action as well. Our One Search, One Click, One Company philosophy leads to more donations, more volunteers, and more achievements for their organization.

Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, professional services company, practice law, or develop or sell real estate, etc., we have you covered. We have built great websites for almost every industry imaginable, whether it be for-profit or non-profit, we build sites with SEO in mind so your website will be found and convert visitors into clients. We believe there is no reason to build a website and have no one find it or use it. Technology changes daily as does user’s behaviors. We pay close attention to any and all trends that may bring our clients what they need, users, sales, volunteers, donations…whatever they need. As the best web design company in Houston, we want to  ASTOUNDZ you with our incredible team of SEO and website designers to build you a website you will love, where prospects will find you and convert to clients.