At ASTOUNDZ, we can help with all of your web marketing needs. For those of you not aware of what all of the acronyms mean, here is a quick definition and how we can assist you.


Stands for Search Engine Optimization. We help optimize your Website to rank organically on the first page of the top search engines, namely Google. Also referred to as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), we help get our clients to rank well in Organic Search by following Search Engines SEO Guidelines. This requires technical, analytical and functional skill sets to truly understand how to properly build a website and structure its content so the search engines algorithms rank the pages highly in SERPs. The positive is that once you start to rank well, you are there 24x7x365 in search results. The only negative is that this does take time, typically 90-180 to see results, but the results are typically a great investment when properly maintained.


Search Engine Marketing refers to Paid Ads typically placed with Google and Bing so your website shows up for specific keywords that you pay the search engines to rank your website. The positive aspect is that you can quickly show up for certain terms, no matter how good or poor your website is. The negative is that it is very expensive, it is only good for as long as you pay for it, and if you do not have a good website, the paid ads will not convert into new clients.


Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Like SEM paid ads, we are using paid advertisements to show up on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more. The positive is that this is typically much less expensive than paid ads with the search engines. This is also very good for getting your brand in front of eyeballs. The negative is that this form of advertising is not typically good for directly converting into leads, but is better for brand recognition.

How can ASTOUNDZ help you!

ASTOUNDZ has the expertise to help you navigate all of these mediums and can guide you to best utilize your marketing dollars. All of these together can help your online presence and drive customers and prospects to your website.


100% Guarantee

Our SEO work carries a 100% guarantee. We develop the keyword phrases together, and we guarantee multiple listings on the first and second page of the major search engines within 90 days of uploading the optimization. Our goal is to build a long-term, trusting partnership with you. With our 100% guarantee and no long-term contracts, we earn your business every 30 days.

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