How the Internet of Things Shapes SEO

May 20, 2017 | SEO, Social Media Management

In this generation, it is not uncommon to connect your devices to multiple others. In fact, a number of devices are created with connectivity in mind. With the right tools and knowledge, the Internet of Things can be used to your advantage.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

In the simplest of terms, if a device can be connected to the internet, switched on and off, then that device can receive and send data. Therefore, the device is a part of the Internet of Things. Examples of these devices are watches, thermostats, cameras, coffee makers, cars, etc. The Internet of Things benefits any and all industry. The constant growth of technology makes this possible.

What does IoT have to do with SEO?

Because there are more avenues of obtaining data, there are various ways to study user behavior and their activity on search engines. A few examples are as follows:

Local Pack and IoT

There are two factors of local search optimization that are predicted to change due to the Internet of Things: 1) desktop versus mobile usage, and 2) the amount of emphasis placed on local search while conducting SEO. The devices that are part of the Internet of Things are primarily designed for mobile usage – connecting devices that are most convenient for the user. This increases the amount of mobile usage in search other than phones, like voice search in watches for example. Additional to the amount of mobile usage, SEO experts should factor location into search optimization. Rather than optimizing for desktop usage, a stagnant location, users can now access search through multiple devices from various locations in their travels.

Creating Content for IoT

The Internet of Things landscape created a new voice and strategy for creating SEO content. Devices and experiences update in real-time, and the content must be adaptable for that purpose. Users find information when they want, where they want, and with the closest device they can find. Advertisements, for example, that appear on both your phone and your coffee machine must stay relevant to one another.

Collecting Data with IoT

Because the Internet of Things opens the opportunity for everyday devices to learn user behavior, analytics managers now have access to that data. Marketers are able to see what motivates and influences users, and base their search strategies on those facts.


In conclusion, the Internet of Things redesigns the landscape for SEO strategies. Innovation and the growth of new technologies naturally change the SEO industry, but the Internet of Things is by no means a short-term concept. SEO specialists should prepare now rather than later for the adaptability of content, targeting users, and consider the various avenues of search made possible by these new devices.

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