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When your potential clients search for you online, does your company appear at the top of the listings or do they see your competitors?

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Website Relevance

Website relevance is what causes the search engines to rank web pages in their results pages when someone performs a keyword search.

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To rank highly in the top search engines, simply put, you just have to be better than your competition.  Like the old adage, you do not need to be able to out run the bear, you just need to be able to out run your friend!  With over 15 years of experience optimizing over 30,000 websites across over 10,000 clients, our team of Technical, Analytical and Functional search engine optimization (SEO) experts can help you dominate your competition, and we fully GUARANTEE the results. Our online marketing team has a history of a 93% client retention rate and 80% of our clients have increased their services with us.

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How will ranking on the first page of Google, Bing, & Yahoo help your business?  Do you have a great product or service
yet no one knows about it?  Wouldn’t it be great if you were generating sales leads 24x7x365?  At Astoundz, our team of Houston search engine optimization experts will astound you by driving visitors to your website.
google-page-one-results-ergos_opt To properly optimize your website for the SEO internet search engines, it takes Technical, Analytical and Functional expertise to drive leads and convert them to sales.  Once your website is optimized, we monitor and maintain it to insure you stay on the first page.

Are you aware that Bing and Yahoo account for over 30% of the searches today?  Most folks ignore these search engines, losing 30% of the traffic they could easily dominate.  Our SEO online marketing company fine tunes your website to meet Google, Bing, and Yahoo’s technical requirements so you rank highly on ALL three. With our holistic approach, we research and determine the keyword phrases that provide the most volume and highest relevance to your market niche.

Astoundz search engine optimization company will develop the necessary content containing these keyword phrases across multiple pages in a way that keeps everything fresh, unique and most importantly, producing first-page search results. Having the proper Functional and Analytical expertise and understanding how content, when properly and professionally written, helps promote your website, our team of Technical writers embark on developing everything needed for your website to beat your competitors. This is both art and science, and when we get your website ranking on the first page, we make sure it stays there. Your content is properly developed for search engines to find it, love it and consistently rank it highly!

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Astoundz is the top Houston Search Engine Optimization Company offering competitive, affordable internet marketing for your website.  Astoundz has more than fifteen years of experience providing search engine optimization, PPC campaign management and other website services to companies of all sizes. We specialize in obtaining front page placement on all search engines – and guarantee it!  This is just one way we are unique in the industry.

Our talented search engine optimization company in Houston, TX always treats you with the respect you deserve. We do not require a long-term contract and we don’t charge you what we think you can pay. Instead, we offer up-front, published pricing – once again differentiating us from others in the industry. If you would like to start getting more traffic to your website for more opportunities to provide your services or products online, or if you’re just not getting the most out of your current Houston SEO online marketing company or any SEO company, we can help!

Why Choose Astoundz for Your Online Marketing Needs?

Aside from having more than a decade of experience, as well as a proven track record for obtaining top natural placement for websites? We guarantee our work 100%, successfully optimizing over 30,000 websites for more than 10,000 clients in a variety of industries since 1998.

first-place-placement-google-optStill not convinced? Astoundz Online Marketing Company headquartered in Houston TX offers services all over the United States and Canada, and has a 93% retention rate with over 80% of our customers choosing to upgrade their search engine optimization services upon seeing results!

If you want to reach a broader audience by ranking higher in the search engines, you need our Houston SEO online marketing company that is experienced and knowledgeable. While results aren’t immediate and it’s important to understand that great things take time, we guarantee you that the wait will be well worth it. We ask for ninety days from uploading our optimization to your website to see results. However, most clients see results in 30-60 days.

Regardless of the type, size or location of your business, our team at Astoundz Online Marketing in Houston TX is confident in our goal to obtain front-page placement for your website! Tell us about your business and what you expect from your internet marketing, and we’ll develop a custom strategy specifically for you. Let Astoundz astound you!

Website Relevance

Website relevance is what causes the search engines to rank web pages in their results pages when someone performs a keyword search.  The more relevance you have, the higher your placement.

SEO Services

When your potential clients search for you online, does your company appear at the top of the listings or do you see your competitors?

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Astoundz Guarantee

Astoundz clients are happy clients!  We provide highly professional SEO services that guarantee first page placements on the top search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo!  We then help our clients turn these first page rankings into clicks and into customers.  This means you will never have to worry about people not finding your website again.  Our guarantee to you is that once we agree upon keyword phrases and page titles that you want to be found for in the search engines, your website will have multiple first page listings on the top search engines within 90 days of Astoundz search engine optimization.  If we do not have multiple first page rankings on these phrases we have agreed upon, we will return your money, no questions asked.  We also do not require any long term contracts, we earn your business and loyalty every month.  Engage with Astoundz and see why we have so many long term, raving fans, GUARANTEED!

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