At ASTOUNDZ, we have a simple mission, it is to ASTOUNDZ our clients. Our Vision is to do it all in ONE SEARCH, ONE CLICK…with ONE COMPANY.

Why ASTOUNDZ!? Your Go-to Digital Marketing Agency


The reason our clients choose ASTOUNDZ is due to our TEAM and the methodologies and processes we have created for building websites that are built with SEO performance at their core. Once we get visitors to your website with our SEO expertise, your website is created to easily convert these visitors into clients.

Best in Class SEO and Website Design Company


ASTOUNDZ roots are firmly planted in organic SEO. We help you get your website on the first page of the top search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing so your website will be found in ONE SEARCH!

ONE CLICK refers to the fact that we build very efficient websites where users can quickly get to where they want to go with one click. Your links will go directly where the user needs to go to get what he wants.

Astoundz Team 2023


With years of experience in technology businesses and outstanding customer service, this digital marketing agency is led by a truly ASTOUNDZING management team.

ASTOUNDZ was co-founded by Steve Winter and MLB Capital Partners in March of 2016. Todd Mason, Jeff Lindenberger, and Fred Baca of MLB Capital Partners are real estate experts and entrepreneurial investors. Steve Winter founded and built ERGOS Technology from 1996 to 2010 into one of the largest Managed IT firms in the country. He brings over 20 years of technology and security expertise to ASTOUNDZ. ASTOUNDZ roots are as a premier SEO company.

In March of 2017, Leisa Holland-Nelson, co-founder of ContentActive, a 12-year-old digital marketing agency, and application development company, merged ContentActive’s custom web design and marketing arm with ASTOUNDZ to form a one-stop solution for clients.

Steve Winter Astoundz Seo Agency Founder

Steve Winter

Founder / President
Steve is an entrepreneur with expertise in IT, start-ups, and real estate. He’s passionate about customer service and creating exceptional results in One Search, One Click! He founded ASTOUNDZ in 2016 and has been extremely successful in structuring websites to be found and loved by the top search engines.

Leisa Holland-Nelson

Vice President / CMO

Leisa Holland-Nelson is the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of ASTOUNDZ, where she is responsible for Marketing, Business Development, and Client Relationship Management, having merged her ownership in ContentActive with ASTOUNDZ. She is also the author and voice of “Women Mean Business”, a podcast and video segment seen on YouTube and several Gow Media outlets, and heard on ESPN Sports Radio

We Are your one stop digital marketing Agency.

All Of This Is Done Under One Roof With One Digital Marketing Company, ASTOUNDZ.

We are here to meet all your web marketing needs. ASTOUNDZ operates using a very simple, but powerful philosophy. We ASTOUNDZ our clients daily by our five commitments to being responsive, communicative, optimized, and reliable, with NO surprises! This applies to your website and our daily interactions.

We offer exceptional customer service, full transparency, a 100% guarantee and no long-term contracts. We want to be a valued partner that you enjoy doing business with.

We offer our expertise to all different types of industries. No matter your industry, we will drive traffic to your website and turn them into your customer. Whether you are in real estate, event planning, leadership, IT, law, e-commerce, industrial, or own a local business, we are your leading organic SEO and responsive website development company that will have you ranking on the first page of major search engines.

When you work with us, we’ll go above and beyond providing you variety of digital marketing solutions that ASTOUNDZ your expectations and exceed your business’s needs. Some of the services that we offer are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Optimized Websites, Web Apps, Pay-Per-Click (PPC)/Social, which includes Google Ads as well as Facebook Ads.

Our Vision

Our vision is One Search. One Click. One Company.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ASTOUNDZ our clients

5 Commitments

We worry about your website and SEO so you do not have to! You can expect our team to be:


5 Commitments

We have 5 commitments to insure we always ASTOUNDZ our clients.


We will always strive to be very responsive to our clients’ needs and all of our websites are built on a responsive platform, meaning they will work on a multitude of devices like iPhones, iPads, Androids and Desktops. To compete in today’s competitive search engine landscape, a website must be responsive and no one is better than ASTOUNDZ to build a responsive website and to quickly respond to our clients’ needs.


Your website must be communicative and at ASTOUNDZ, we always want to be easy to work and communicate with. We strive to always communicate in a timely fashion where we are on your projects and we use a web-based project management tool (ASANA) to keep our clients in the loop and updated at all times.


With our roots as an SEO company, all of the websites developed by our Website Development team and SEO Experts are fully optimized to compete in today’s highly competitive Organic SEO landscape.


With our service ticket system and dedication to always providing stable, secure websites, we want you to know you can always count on ASTOUNDZ to provide an extremely reliable and secure website. Not only do we host on best-in-class hosting environments, we also add an extra layer of security with our partner Sucuri.net.


This is our greatest commitment of all. With our other commitments and dedication to great communications, it is our goal for our clients to never be surprised in a negative way. We also do not require any long-term commitments or have any hidden charges. We hope the only surprise you see is our dedication to world-class service.

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Our Team

Our digital marketing agency is comprised of experts with a “very particular set of skills.”


SEO Experts

Our expert SEO team is very analytical, using tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Spyfu, Siteliner, and Google Analytics to determine how to compete amongst the millions of websites for first-page Google rankings.

Web Designers

Our Web Designers are our creative team. What makes them unique is that they not only know how to build beautiful websites, they are also very educated on how their design impacts SEO, usability, and conversions

Website Developers

Our Website Developers are the ones that help actually build these beautiful websites and make sure that the backend works efficiently and is properly configured for search and conversions

Technical Team

Our Technical Team is the one that makes sure your website is hosted properly and is secure and reliable. We use best-in-class tools like Sucuri.net and WPEngine.com for hosting and securing our websites.

Michael Cohen

Lead SEO

Nadá Khalil

Lead Designer
Viraj Parikh

Viraj Parikh

Technical Lead


Mike Tack

Solutions Architect

Michael Olufemi

Full Stack Developer
Caleb Img

Caleb Schallert

SEO Specialist

Sophy Img

Sophy Sorn

Bridgette Img

Bridgette Nickles

Web Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Agency Houston


Our digital marketing agency works very closely in concert with each other to develop your website into a site that is built to be found in One Search, on Search Engines, and when visitors get to your website, they can easily navigate to their desired location in One Click! We bring all of these unique skill sets together into One Company so we can easily be your one-stop shop for all of your web marketing needs.

On top of our Team and Methodologies is our Vision, Mission, and Guarantee. Our Vision: One Search, One Click, One Company! Our Mission is to ASTOUNDZ our clients! And we guarantee our results. If you read our Google Reviews, we hope you will see that we stand behind all of these commitments! Please give us an opportunity to ASTOUNDZ you too!