How to Market to Millennials

Jan 26, 2018 | SEO

Millennials have just recently entered into corporate America and as a whole, have more buying power than any other generation. This generation is a huge opportunity for all marketers to try and capture.

The online habits that the previous generation currently have are much different than the habits that millennials have. For marketers, there are numerous marketing strategies to use in order to capture the millennial audience in a new, different and exciting way.

Tips for Marketing to Millennials

  • Instead of optimizing for a desktop, start optimizing for mobile devices. Millennials are constantly on the phone. Even more than they are on their desktop. They are buying, booking, reading, searching and connecting all on their mobile devices.
  • Make sure you have social media. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter, millennials spend the majority of the day on social media. Social media is very important to be involved on as many social media pages as it is relevant to your business. Millennials use social media to gain an opinion on a brand. If they see negative information about a brand, they will change the way that they purchase with them or just won’t involve themselves at all.
  • Think outside of the box. Millennials are more prone to radical and thought-provoking content. Traditional marketing has evolved in a way that transcends older generation-targeted marketing. This is your chance to be creative, and challenge your company’s brand. How can you transcend?
  • Prepare for voice and video search. This can go hand-in-hand with thinking outside the box. Millennials like trying new things and keeping up with the current trends and technologies. Right now, the newest trends in search are voice and video search. Voice search especially is going to be a huge opportunity to market to millennials.

SEO and Millennials

When millennials think of SEO, they think of it as a requirement for every business. They are competitive and understand the importance of SEO. Millennials have been exposed to the internet – “What’s a typewriter anyway?” They know the best and quickest way to find the information that they are looking for online. When you are writing content for your website, make sure that it can be found. There are many things that you can incorporate to make sure that the millennial on your site, will find the information they are looking for


Overall, every marketer, no matter where you work needs to pay close attention to the millennials. They are a great opportunity for you and for your brand – and they really are the future. Here, at ASTOUNDZ we always stay one step ahead in knowing what the future might look like.


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