One Search. One Click. One Company.
The reason our clients choose ASTOUNDZ is due to our TEAM and the METHODOLOGIES we have created in building websites that are engineered with SEO performance at their core. Once we get visitors to your website with our SEO expertise, our websites are engineered to easily convert these visitors into clients.


Our team is comprised of a group of very specific and very unique skillsets.


Our SEO team is very analytical, using tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Spyfu, Siteliner and Google Analytics to determine how to compete amongst the millions of websites for first page rankings. As part of our SEO team, we have some very skilled and knowledgeable Content writers that understand how to write SEO content to rank well specifically for search.


Our Web Designers are our creative team. What makes them unique is that they not only know how to build beautiful websites, they are also very educated on how their design impacts SEO, Usability and Conversion. 


Our Website Developers are the ones that help actually build these beautiful websites and make sure that the backend works efficiently and is properly configured for search and conversion.


Our Technical Team is the one that make sure your website is hosted properly and is secure and reliable. We use best-in-class tools like Sucuri.net and WPEngine.com for hosting and securing our websites.  We want to make sure that if you have hundreds or millions of visitors to your website that it is fast, reliable and secure.

Our Methodologies

Our teams work very closely in concert with each other to develop your website into a site that is built to be found in One Search, and when visitors get to your website, they can easily navigate to their desired location in One Click!  We bring all of these unique skillsets together into One Company so we can easily be your one-stop shop for all of your web marketing needs.

On top of our Team and Methodologies is our Vision, Mission and our Quarantee.  Our Vision: One Search, One Click, One Company!  Our Mission is to ASTOUNDZ our clients!  And we guarantee our results.  If you read our Google Reviews, we hope you will see that we stand behind all of these commitments!  Please give us an opportunity to ASTOUNDZ you too! 

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