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As an already established leader in the industrial industry, C.E. Shepherd, and their MaxStop brand, needed new websites to match their brand’s recognition. To go along with modern, responsive websites, an SEO strategy was created to maximize organic traffic and visibility throughout the United States. 



Building two websites tied under a central company can lead to user confusion at times. This can also lead to keyword cannibalization on search engines, as there was a huge risk in developing too much duplicate content between both sites.


Organic search now makes up 62% of the website’s traffic. Through guest posting on partner websites and leveraging coverage of key team members, we were able to quickly establish authority in their niche and capture relevant featured snippets. In their first year of being live, the number of total users on the site has grown by 1,681%.

CE Shepherd/Maxstop 2


When comparing 2018 website data to 2017, ASTOUNDZ SEO has led to key increases of:


increase in organic sessions


increase in new organic users


increase in unique organic pageviews

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