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Build a completely new website and optimize for a competitive local search environment. With 4 studios located in different areas of Houston, TX, each studio required a customized SEO strategy to successfully rank on search.



With 4 locations across Houston, it was extremely important when creating and optimizing the site that the correct pages were ranking in their geographical areas. For example, we did not want to have pages’ rank for The Woodlands dance studio in the Katy, TX area. This required a dedicated effort to create highly relevant content for each location. Adapting the website design based on evolving search engine technical requirements and user trends/analytics.


After identifying the location pages that were consistently generating organic traffic, website updates were made to enhance the site based on the data. After this update, visibility shot up and the site ranks on the first page for hundreds of local searches. By identifying user trends and providing a better experience, the website’s traffic has increased every quarter since January 2017.

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Comparing website performance in 2017 with 2018 shows:


increase in unique pageviews


increase in users


increase in pages per session


reduction in bounce rate

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