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Pierce Ranch house


Pierce Ranch House is a welcoming retreat for hunting parties, corporate events, family gathering, and weddings Southwest of Houston. When taking on this project, ASTOUNDZ created a focused local and brand SEO strategy.



One of the challenges we found while working with Pierce Ranch House was that the event industry is a very competitive market. In order to help Pierce Ranch House, stand out, we worked on getting more reviews and implemented schema onto the site.


With our local SEO strategy and the implementation of schema on to the site, we have increased the number of new users by 30% as well as decreased the bounce rate by 22% Also, with the branded SEO strategy, Pierce Ranch House is ranking #1 for branded searches.

Pierce Ranch House 2


When comparing 2018 website data to 2017, ASTOUNDZ SEO has led to key increases of:


increase in new users


increase in organic pageviews


Decreased Bounce rate

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