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With decades of combined experience optimizing hundreds of national and local websites, our team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts at ASTOUNDZ deliver a best-in-class product that combines technical, analytical, and functional skills. Our SEO services can help dominate your competition on search and we guarantee results. View our pricing and get started today.

How ASTOUNDZ SEO Works for You

How will ranking on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo help your business? At ASTOUNDZ, our team of SEO experts work to drive visitors to your website, and your company has the opportunity to generate leads. Once your website is properly optimized for internet search engines, we monitor and maintain it to ensure that you stay on the first page.


Our SEO Process

The ASTOUNDZ SEO process first starts with analyzing your website, as having an up-to-date website will maximize our SEO efforts. To even have a chance on the more competitive keyword searches, it’s critical that your website is optimized to be both responsive and fast. It’s no surprise that our Web & SEO clients yield the best results!

Once your website is properly optimized for internet search engines, we provide monthly reporting, maintenance, content strategy and more. Each website is unique, so if you have any specific questions about how SEO can work for you, contact us for a free consultation.

Where do you rank?

Are you aware that Bing and Yahoo account for over 30% of the searches today? Our team fine-tunes your website to meet Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s technical requirements to rank highly. We also optimize your mobile sites, since the view for mobile is different from desktop view. With mobile optimization, you have the opportunity to reach more users and grow your leads. SEO is both art and science, and our team of technical writers embark on developing everything needed for your website to beat your competitors. With a custom SEO strategy configured by you and our SEO specialists, we research and determine the keyword phrases that provide the most volume and highest relevance to your market niche. We strive not to get one, but multiple listings on the first page of your search engine results. ASTOUNDZ practices what we preach, identifying keyword phrases that are valuable and doing the work to capture high organic search rankings. Let us ASTOUNDZ you and sign up today!

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SEO Services for All Websites

Proven Local SEO Services – Even in the most competitive environments

Located in Houston, TX, one of the most competitive local search environments has allowed us to become extremely successful in providing local SEO services. From business listing management to content optimization, our team of SEO experts can turn your website into a business generating machine. (Link to the Local SEO page)

National SEO Services that meet your needs

For websites that are looking to either expand their search visibility from a local level to a national one, or for websites simply looking to simply expand their already established national brand, our national SEO services work to meet your needs. (Link to National SEO Page)

Looking to completely dominate search? Imagine being a local business and showing up on the top of the SERPs with an ad, map listing, and organic result(s). We do this for clients already and can accomplish this for your business. As a Google Partner, ASTOUNDZ can effectively create an ad campaign from scratch or save your failing PPC campaign and get it on the right track.


100% Guarantee

Our SEO work carries a 100% guarantee. We develop the keyword phrases together, and we guarantee multiple listings on the first and second page of the major search engines within 90 days of uploading the optimization. Our goal is to build a long-term, trusting partnership with you. With our 100% guarantee and no long-term contracts, we earn your business every 30 days.

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