Remarketing Ads


Will come by  integrating with the most powerful tools available. 

Google and Facebook again lead the way in remarketing, both of these platforms provide a tracking code that, once we’ve successfully installed it on your website, you can retarget the same person on social media or Google searches so they will move forward on your marketing funnel.

Astoundz Remarketing Strategy

Why are remarketing campaigns so important?

The ability to retarget your website visitors helps you by increasing the times they interact with your business. Since most people ignore things the first few times they see them, it is very important to reach your audience through different ways and platforms. The amount of times a person is exposed to an ad is called frequencies. It is a well-known fact that a person needs frequencies to generate ad recall, which happens after at least four times a person is exposed to the same ad… ergo remarketing! 

Astoundz Gogle Ads Remarketing

Google Remarketing Lists

Google allows you to save the IP addresses of people that visit your website via the Google Analytics tracking code, this data can then be used to set up audiences for your Google Ads campaigns. For example, if a person visits a specific part of your website and does not become a customer of yours or does not sign up for any offers, it will be a total loss if you do not find this person ever again. By using Google remarketing campaign you can find your website visitors and retarget them with Google ads on Youtube, Display ads, shopping ads, or search ads.

Facebook Pixel Remarketing

Using the Facebook pixel you can track events that happen on your website to trigger ads on Facebook and Instagram, for example, an e-commerce site can show ads to people that were looking at products on a page and then later show ads to the same people of the same product when they’re on Facebook.

Remarketing Ads