Nonprofit Website Design & SEO Case Studies

Browse our featured ASTOUNDZing nonprofit website portfolio below and then give us a call at (713) 904-5001 to discuss ways that we can help optimize your organization’s website to drive action for your cause. We take pride in assisting nonprofits in any way we can whether through search engine optimization, social media marketing, or other internet marketing campaigns. We are here to help.

Goodwill Featured
Featured, Non-Profit

Goodwill of Houston

120+ locations registered & verified
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the Holocaust Museum Houston

63% increase in organic traffic
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Featured, Non-Profit

Crime Stoppers of Houston

20% increase of organic mobile users
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Congregation Beth Israel

20% increase in users


A Deep Dive Into Nonprofit Website Design Best Practices And A Few Of Our Favorites

Whether you are a for-profit business or a non-profit, you need to have a website as the face of your business. Nonprofit organizations need to have beautiful, responsive, and secure websites just as much as any other organization or business, but there are some website elements that should draw closer attention during the design and development process. ASTOUNDZ is a leading Houston nonprofit website design and development agency, so we have some tried and true best practices for nonprofit websites we recommend. 

Camp For All Devices

Websites For Nonprofit Organizations That Drive Donations

Nonprofit organizations rely on donations from donors to continue to function and meet their goals. Whether that means volunteers donating time, donors submitting monetary donations, or businesses providing physical donations for fundraising events, there must be a clear call to action to facilitate donations. The call to action should be prominently displayed at or near the top of the home page. A nonprofit website may require more than one call-to-action such as ‘Volunteer Today’, ‘Donate Here’ or ‘Find Donation Location’. These are three very different actions that a user may want to take to support the organization’s cause.  

Americans With Disabilities Act

ADA Compliance For Nonprofit websites

While full ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance may not be required by law in the US at this point in time, ASTOUNDZ strongly recommends all websites strive for ADA compliance and especially so if you know that your audience would particularly benefit from it. ADA-compliant websites are given special features and user interface options to optimize the end user’s experience while on your website. Some of the ways ASTOUNDZ can help make your nonprofit or organization’s website more accessible include:

  • Making content screen-reader friendly
  • Epilepsy safe graphics
  • ADHD friendly interface enhancements
  • Reading and focusing assistance
Ada Compliance Img

SEO For Nonprofit Websites Best Practices

SEO for nonprofit organization websites should be like most websites that want to rank well on search engine results. The website should be secure, mobile responsive, and fast for starters. The headings and page titles should carry descriptive keywords in relation to the page’s content. The content should be genuine and tell the organization’s purpose in a friendly and relatable manner.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, to learn more, read our in-depth explanation of SEO here.

Websites For Non-Profit Organizations

Important Information To Include On A Nonprofit Organization Website

Include basic contact information such as a toll-free phone number in the top-bar header for quick reference, as well as links to the organization’s most frequented social media pages. A simple newsletter sign-up form fits nicely in the footer section and will then show at the bottom of every page as a friendly reminder without being too intrusive. Nonprofit organizations in the US may choose to include an EIN or employer identification number to increase transparency and show proof of authenticity for major donors.

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