3 Essentials to Enterprise SEO

Feb 4, 2020 | SEO, SEO Tipz

What is Enterprise SEO?

With any marketing campaign, the goal is to grow revenues, exposure, brand awareness, etc. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the primary drivers in organic growth and brand awareness, making it a key element in a digital marketing campaign for large organizations. In an enterprise environment, an SEO specialist will take on both a high-level and granular approach. Therefore, Enterprise SEO is defined as a large-scale, strategic approach to search engine optimization.

Challenges in Enterprise SEO

What makes Enterprise SEO different from other SEO campaigns is the scale at which the website and/or organization is operating. This can be the scale of the organization itself, with many teams to gain approval from to make changes on the website, or it can be the size of the site itself. To help navigate these challenges, we have come up with 3 ASTOUNDZing tips to succeed in Enterprise SEO:

1) Communication and developing a healthy relationship

Enterprise SEO must reflect the organization’s specific needs and scope. These organizations typically include several teams that drive operational success. Working to establish a strong link between these teams and the SEO company leads to better results.

Outline Goals & Expectations

The first step in Enterprise SEO is to detail what the company’s goals are, both on and off the website. Being realistic about what can be accomplished in SEO within specific timelines is vital here as well. Compared to other client-vendor relationships, these organizations can often have more loops and bounds to go through for changes to be made.

Establish a Line of Communication

Identifying the best way to implement a line of communication between the SEO company and the organization is paramount. The more difficult it is to touch base with each branch of an organization consistently, the harder it will be to implement changes and keep the site up to date. When it comes to securing a line of communication, it’s best to go with a platform that many team members can access, such as a robust Project Management Tool or a dedicated help desk.

2) Protecting & Reinforcing Brand on Search

Branded searches are frequent throughout the customer journey. The end of the customer journey is where they matter the most, though. If there is negative and/or mixed messaging for brand search results, a drop in conversions and brand reputation will occur. By working to ‘own’ branded search engine result pages (SERPs), you can better control what users see and read.

Take an organization that works to drive foot-traffic to hundreds of storefronts across a city – Goodwill Industries of Houston. For their new website, ASTOUNDZ created dedicated landing pages for each location. This was done to outrank listing sites that could potentially show false information left by users.

Screen Shot 2020 02 04 At 11.01.09 Am

Now, Goodwill is capturing a significant % of traffic that Yelp and other listings platforms were receiving.

3) Scaling SEO through Automations

The last key for having a successful Enterprise SEO campaign is to scale through automation. It’s impossible to self-manage a website with hundreds to thousands of pages, meaning you’ll need to leverage technology to help automate website updates/edits. To scale SEO efforts for enterprise organizations in WordPress, ASTOUNDZ looks to leverage:

  • Templates
  • Plugins
  • Third-Party APIs
  • Post-Types

Without the right oversight, plugins and third-party APIs can compromise a website, so always make sure to consult with developers if there is any hesitation. Once this foundation is set up, edits can be made across hundreds of pages in a single update.

We are experts in Enterprise SEO

ASTOUNDZ is a leader in providing Enterprise SEO solutions for large organizations and websites. We pride ourselves in establishing a great client-customer relationship, resulting in websites & SEO campaigns that are fully aligned with organizational goals. View our client portfolio or contact us to learn more about how we can help as your Enterprise SEO agency.


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