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Technical SEO is a crucial part of your marketing strategy if you want to rank higher in Google. Here are some tactics that can help:

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At ASTOUNDZ, our technical SEO experts understand that ranking high in today’s Google search results translates directly to opportunities for growth and success. With today’s sophisticated search engines constantly fine-tuning the algorithms responsible for where your business ranks, it is more important than ever to get ahead of the pack to remain competitive. Technical SEO is now widely recognized as a powerful element to help small to medium-sized companies soar to the front of search results pages.

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What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a broad term used to describe the “behind-the-scenes” elements of your website or domain. It covers a wide range of unique factors such as your page load speeds, mobile device accessibility for web pages, structure metadata tags, the presence of encryption plug-ins, duplicate content on webpages, the status of internal and external links, page structure, and more.

Each of these items should be a part of a comprehensive technical SEO checklist. As an experienced, dedicated, and top-performing SEO technical audit service, we specialize in helping our clients soar to the top of search results pages by auditing, analyzing, and fixing each of these issues. Collaborate with us today and let us develop an SEO strategy to help you climb to the front page of search results in your geographic area or sector.

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Technical SEO Services for Local Businesses

Technical Seo Audit Score

Today’s search engines have very little tolerance for broken links, slow-loading pages, and duplicate content which lacks metatags. If your content is not structured, encrypted, and optimized for mobile device access, your website could be buried in the far reaches of search results pages. This would place your brand at a severe performance disadvantage and you may be missing out on a myriad of growth opportunities. Fortunately, getting started with a comprehensive analysis of your company’s current SEO status is easy when you work with ASTOUNDZ. Allow us to demonstrate our technical prowess today by scheduling our SEO technical audit service.

Local businesses love working with the experts at ASTOUNDZ to help develop the comprehensive technical SEO checklist they need to outperform the competition. We possess the extensive, practical, hands-on knowledge and expertise clients need to get their websites primed for success. Best of all, we have our fingers on the pulse of change in the SEO space. What worked last month, may not be the right approach now based on continual updates in the algorithms that govern search rankings. Rest assured that our SEO gurus will supply you with the most up-to-date strategies which translate to success.

Technical SEO Services We Offer

Technical SEO Audit

Our deep analysis of your website’s content, structure and coding is the critical first step in setting you up for success. Allow the ASTOUNDZ SEO experts to give you critical insight into the technical factors which may be holding back your performance. Our comprehensive, full-scope audit will provide an in-depth analysis of reporting of technical hindrances to your success. After your audit report is finalized, our friendly and knowledgeable team will lay out options to get your website charged up and ready to handle the surge in leads you will receive from climbing to the top of search results pages.

Competitor Analysis

How fast is your website loading speed compared to your competition? Which SEO strategies are your competitors currently using and are they effective? Are their web pages optimized for access from mobile devices? These are just a few samples from the extensive list of ways we can evaluate your competitors. Armed with this data, you’ll be in an ideal position to counter their tactics and jump ahead to reach the highest rungs of the search results ladder. Get started today and take the guesswork out of how you can best perform in today’s highly competitive online marketing spaces.

Metadata Analysis

ASTOUNDZ also excels at helping businesses incorporate metadata into web pages to improve rankings and the overall user experience. Metadata includes a variety of unique tags including title, keyword, image, structured data and more. Metadata tags are a crucial element in helping search engines crawl, or scan, your website to score its function and useability. Wise use of these tags, when used together with other technical SEO elements, can help dramatically boost the performance of your site. Backed by a streamlined and user-friendly website, your business will get noticed and generate more leads.

Image Optimization

Using images on your brand’s site is a great way to craft visually stunning pages to appeal to your customer base. To be effective in helping your company’s site climb the search results ladder, images must be optimized for size, resolution and format. If any of these factors are missing, your web pages may not load correctly or may throw text blocks off in your content. At ASTOUNDZ, our experienced team understands the importance of correctly labeling and tagging your site’s images. We also go the extra mile to ensure you have access to high-quality, high-resolution graphics for each of your site’s pages.

Speed Optimization

In today’s fast-paced online, global marketplace, customers do not have the time nor the patience to wait for your sluggish website to load. This is especially true for users accessing your web-based content from mobile phones or tablets. If your website suffers from chronic slow performance, you are likely losing out on significant opportunities for growth. The ASTOUNDZ team understands that ensuring your pages load quickly is a crucial element of your technical SEO. Our SEO professionals have the hands-on knowledge and experience needed to turbo-charge your page load speeds today to help you earn your spot at the top of search engine results pages.

Structured Data Markup

Did you know that Google, and other leading search engines routinely, crawl, or scan your website? When they crawl through your pages, they seek to quickly assess and process what type of information you offer a prospective user. If your site’s data is full of errors, unorganized or full of gaps, your site’s rank in search results pages will suffer. To mitigate this, we offer a variety of technical SEO services to get your webpage’s data fully streamlined and structured. After this important and cost-effective process is complete, your website’s structure and information will be more easily interpreted by crawling search engines and your ranking will soar.

Keyword Research

What are the hottest keywords your customers are using when trying to locate the products and services you offer? Embedding well-crafted, clear and concise keyword phrasing into your online content helps users find your brand. Incorporating these keywords in high-quality, concise and clear content on your site helps generate interest in your business. At ASTOUNDZ, we specialize in taking the guesswork out of keyword research. Our full suite of advanced SEO tools, including keyword research, helps our clients dominate the competition. Let us unlock access to the broad range of specific keyword strings you need to attract visitors to your site and develop more lucrative leads.

Backlink Analysis

Customers love to read positive reviews of your products and services. These reviews help them feel more comfortable working with you. Similarly, when potential clients find links to your website on trusted, authoritative websites, they have more confidence in engaging with your brand. Our backlink analysis is another tool in our extensive technical SEO toolkit that evaluates how many links to your business’s domain or specific site content exist. We can also quickly evaluate the quality of these links. Once we have collected this data, our experts can recommend a variety of options to help grow the quality and volume of your links.

Website Migration

If you plan to migrate, or move, your website to a new domain or a new URL structure, you need the ASTOUNDZ team in your corner. With our advanced website migration services, you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to ensure you do not lose the ranking, indexing and authority you worked so hard to establish. Let our team handle your migration to minimize the impact to your sales. We can help identify the right time for a migration and map all changed URLs to help keep your company streamlined for maximized success.

Penalty Recovery

When Google crawls your website and finds a critical error or identifies a problem with your website, you may receive a penalty. This penalty will not only drastically drop your site’s rankings, but can result in extensive decreases in site traffic. These penalties often occur after the release of updated search algorithms. If you have been hit by a penalty, or just want to make sure your domain is safe from them, then you need to reach out to ASTOUNDZ today. We have the extensive technical knowledge needed to get your site back to the top of search engine results pages.

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In-Depth Website Audits

A full-scope technical SEO audit from ASTOUNDZ is the ideal way to start finding shortfalls in your website’s coding and performance. We can quickly identify broken links, assess your site’s speed, determine if your site is optimized for mobile device access and, ultimately, find all technical areas which need to be improved. Working hand-in-hand with our team of technical experts will help modernize your website and boost your rankings across leading search engines. Let us show you how we can help turbo-charge your website’s performance and get you laser-focused on outperforming the competition.

Technical SEO Specialists

No other technical SEO agency has the same level of hands-on experience backed by deep-seated expertise. ASTOUNDZ has the keen insight and technical know-how our clients trust to help them climb to the first page of search engine results. We understand the exhaustive scope of factors that go into website rankings, and we are ready to share that knowledge with you to help expand your brand. Best of all, our cost-effective and time-honored processes yield game-changing results for our customers. Let our experts get your website on the superhighway to success today by increasing page load speeds, streamlining access for mobile device users and so much more.

Full-Service SEO Solutions

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. Instead, our experts rely on hard data and analysis to find the specific obstacles standing in our client’s path to success. Our team can quickly analyze and locate the technical issues which are slowing the performance of your website and standing between you and success. After a full-scope audit, we can work with you to find the most comprehensive strategy possible to get your site fueled for success. We specialize at working within the parameters of our client’s budgets to get top-tier results.

Analytics and Reporting

Our SEO technical audit service helps businesses of all shapes and sizes understand how to best invest in SEO strategies to improve performance. After your audit is complete, we will supply a thorough breakdown of technical issues in an easy-to-understand format covering our findings and recommendations. We specialize in remedying technical issues such as tweaks to boost page loading speeds, to optimizing your site for mobile access, setting up secure encryption, correcting broken links and so much more. Let us show you we can work within your budget to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Goal-Oriented Web Strategies

How do you measure the success of your business? Where would you like to take your performance next year? What barriers are standing in your way to achieving your growth goals? Partnering with ASTOUNDZ can help you incorporate your answers to these important questions into a comprehensive strategy to chart a path to success. Get started with our full-scope SEO technical audit service and permit us to get your brand’s website on target to attract new leads, become more discoverable in the local area, engage more effectively with existing customers while focusing your efforts on growing your business.

Proven Track Record

Experience the difference working with a professional SEO team can make for your company. Backed by nearly four decades of hands-on experience, we are, hands down, the go-to solutions providers for all facets of web optimization. Trust the ASTOUNDZ pros to craft game-changing local SEO, technical SEO, site content development strategies and more. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our extensive collection of case studies which highlight the spectrum of successful outcomes we have achieved for our clients. Collaborate with our results-focused firm right now to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing or radically enhancing, a website’s rankings in search engine results pages. SEO is essentially a catch-all term that covers a wide range of unique techniques such as authoritative link building, website streamlining and design, content development, and so much more. When a site is fully optimized it provides more value to a potential customer and, therefore, will achieve higher rankings in search engines. This process can not only help drive traffic and potential customers to your website, but can result in exponential growth and opportunity.

How does SEO work?

Today’s powerful search engines routinely crawl, or access, your website. What do they hope to see when determining your overall rank in the search engine results page? Essentially, they’re looking to see if your site is both user-friendly and full of useful information. They also dig through elements such as page load speed, smart linking, information-rich blogs and articles, mobile-device optimization and much more as part of this process. When a website capitalizes on these elements, they will rank higher. Climbing the rungs of the search results ladder depends on getting these elements working in harmony on your brand’s webpages.

Do I need different SEO strategies for different search engines?

Although many leading search engines use similar tactics to determine a website’s ranking in search results, there each contains important, small differences. To help ensure the best results possible and excel at driving traffic to your site, it is essential to use tailored SEO strategies that capitalize on these differences. What works specifically for one browser doesn’t necessarily work for another. When finding a company to help optimize your website and boost your search engine rankings, be sure to look for one that understands the nuanced differences between Google SEO, Firefox SEO, WordPress SEO and others.

How much does it cost to implement an SEO campaign?

The costs involved in developing and launching an SEO campaign can vary quite a bit and it is based on a variety of factors. Before discussing cost with an SEO marketing team, you must understand exactly what you, as a business owner, are trying to achieve, and what elements of SEO can help you best achieve these goals. Do you simply want to rank higher in search engines through link building and technical web page optimization? Are you looking for a team to manage your company’s online reputation and develop an effective email marketing strategy? Fortunately, working hand-in-hand with an SEO expert is an extremely cost-effective way to accomplish all of these goals.

Can I do SEO myself?

Hardcore do-it-yourselfers may be tempted to go it alone to optimize their company’s site to rank higher in search engine results pages. While this is possible, the steep SEO learning curve can require a significant investment of time and energy and also requires constant monitoring and tweaking. Also, it is important to understand that SEO is a continual and fluid process. Techniques that worked yesterday are not necessarily going to yield the same results today or tomorrow. To unlock the greatest results, there is no substitute for working in lockstep with an experienced and knowledgeable SEO specialist.

What affects your SEO ranking?

SEO rankings are determined by a wide variety of technical and non-technical factors. How fast does your website load? Are your web pages easily accessible from a mobile device? Do you have a variety of high-quality external sites pointing users toward your site with authoritative links? Do you host a variety of highly readable, actionable articles, blogs and more? These are just a few examples of the questions which help determine where your website falls in the rack and stack of sites competing for the coveted first page of search results. Beyond these factors, there is a range of “behind the scenes” technical elements which need to all work in harmony to ensure your pages rank high.

Will blogging help SEO?

Blogging will certainly up your SEO game. Customers love to find relevant blogs and articles on your website which are content-rich and full of valuable, actionable and authoritative information. Hosting a blog or other written content forum which gives a user access to this information is a valuable SEO tool to have in your toolkit. Customers appreciate gaining personal insight into your business and learning from you. The absence of a blog or other written content on your website will undoubtedly push your position on the search engine results pages lower.

Is SEO better than paid advertising?

Unlike pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising campaigns, which can help drive traffic in your direction in the short term, SEO is better to generate long-term, lasting results for a business or brand. While PPC can drive users to engage with you today, keeping them coming back for more products, services or information requires a website that is optimized to provide a positive user experience. Building your brand via SEO is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from the competition and to forge long-term relationships with customers built on a solid foundation.

How long does SEO take?

Many customers eager to see their site rank higher in search results often ask about the timelines involved. While it is possible to see some results within a few weeks, it is more common to take several months for a well-developed, holistic and customized SEO strategy to yield major dividends. SEO is a synergistic process meaning that all elements, from linking strategies, to hosting blogs, optimizing content, building links and more must work together to help drive better results. SEO is also a process of continual assessing, strategizing and improving and is, therefore, a valuable long-term growth strategy.

What are SEO best practices?

SEO works best when it takes advantage of a wide set of elements and techniques all working together in harmony. In this sense, SEO is a combination of strategies working hand-in-hand. Making sure your site’s content is full of valuable, well-written information in the form of a blog, FAQ or articles is a critical element in boosting your rankings. Smart keyword usage, focusing on optimizing page load speeds, making pages accessible from mobile devices and building authoritative linking strategies are also considered among some of the best SEO practices available today.