PPC Advertising: Generating Leads Online During COVID-19

Aug 13, 2020 | PPC

While the world may return back to a reality pre-2020, the fact is that right now many people are facing extremely turbulent times. From business struggles to more personal, medical issues – people have a lot on their plate right now. ASTOUNDZ sees this struggle online every day.

As businesses continue to ensure their survival post-pandemic, budgets are being reduced and funds aren’t being directed towards marketing campaigns like they once were. However, despite certain cuts in marketing budgets, companies can still find growth and drive new business online. One marketing model ASTOUNDZ finds to be effective during the pandemic is pay-per-click advertising due to the flexibility in ad placements and ad budgeting.


PPC stands for pay-per-click, a digital advertising model where advertisers/companies pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Depending on how many other advertisers are vying for the same keyword searches, the cost of a PPC campaign can rise. The main goal of PPC advertising is to generate leads via a web page linked to from an ad. While PPC campaigns can take place across a host of platforms, the most popular form of PPC advertising is through search engine ads.

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. Whether advertising on Google or Bing search, search PPC campaigns help advertisers show up on searches most aligned with converting users.


While organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) presents a great long-term digital marketing strategy, a dedicated PPC campaign has the flexibility for businesses to quickly adapt and adjust where their marketing dollars are going. PPC advertising allows you to test the market, and expand at your own pace. A major benefit of PPC advertising is the real-time nature of it. With so much volatility in certain markets/industries, this type of flexibility is invaluable.

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It’s undeniable that certain industries have been impacted by COVID-19. Some examples of these industries include:

  • Travel/Tourism
  • Live Entertainment
  • Event Management
  • Sports/fitness
  • Retail/Shopping

For some businesses, engaging in a PPC search campaign to drive leads is simply a waste of money. Industries like event management and live entertainment will have seen massive drops in their PPC search campaigns. That being said, there are other advertising solutions for these businesses severely impacted.

Display ads allow these businesses to both remarket to prior customers and target new customers, keeping your brand top of mind. Plus, with a cheaper cost than seen on the PPC side of things, display ads offer a cost-effective way to ensure your brand remains relevant as the world & economy recovers from the pandemic.


Keeping your advertising budget optimized for performance is more important now than ever. Wasted spend during an economic downturn is not the way to run a campaign, and here are some things to consider for PPC campaigns:

  1. Demographic targeting. Services and products have different entry price points, meaning income demographics can greatly influence the performance of your ads. Filtering out either the lower or higher income demographics will help drive high conversion rates.
  2. Device targeting. Check your website’s Google Analytics and check to see what your device breakdown looks like. If the majority of your users come to your site via desktop, make sure to adjust the specific devices you want your ads to show up on.
  3. Scheduling ads. Time and time again we see ad campaigns running late into the night, and sometimes even past midnight. Keeping your ad schedule aligned with how/when people search for things will drive higher conversion rates, while also lowering the overall cost of your campaign.

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