The Biggest Social Media Algorithm Changes for Each Platform in 2023

Jan 31, 2023 | Social Media Management

Social media only continues to grow and evolve in 2023. Learn about the biggest and newest features each social media is adding and/or changing below!

Instagram: added a new “Notes” feature

Instagram recently unveiled Notes, a new feature that allows users to write longer briefs to accompany their posts. With Notes, users can now quickly put context and further explanation of news sources and articles in an easily digestible format, offering greater insight. Furthermore, it allows for flexibility in storytelling–users can address individual followers, an entire group of people, or all their followers with custom-made messages, creating the ultimate personal experience with fan engagement.

It’s a great way to go beyond the standard caption, allowing storytellers to get even more creative with their content–all squeezed into just 60 characters!

Instagram and Facebook: are testing “Candid Stories”

Instagram and Facebook have recently been testing ‘Candid Stories’ – an imitation of the revolutionary app BeReal. This move has caused a lot of buzz in the media, mainly because it was only released earlier this year. Since its launch, BeReal has made waves with its unique approach, which encourages users to be open and honest online.

With Instagram and Facebook entering the fray, we may see major changes in how people interact with one another on social media – changes that make it easier for us to stay true to who we really are.

Twitter: the relaunch of the paid Twitter Blue program

Twitter has recently taken big steps to help its users better engage with their online experience. The tech giant has announced the global relaunch of its Twitter Blue program, which allows users to access additional features and incentives that come with a monthly subscription.

From being able to easily organize bookmarks and add more color to the Twitter app, the program includes several previously exclusive features for selected power users.

Furthermore, subscribers will receive monthly updates about the program as it continues to be a work in progress.

LinkedIn: added and improved features for company pages

LinkedIn has ramped up support for businesses, making it easier to differentiate from the competition. With the new competitor analytics dashboard, companies can better monitor their competitors’ performance and measure how their own page stands out. As a bonus, automated newsletter subscription notifications ensure businesses stay connected with their network without additional manual effort.

LinkedIn is also paying more attention to product showcases by adding SEO titles and descriptions for articles. These improvements allow companies to get creative with promotion ideas and create a much larger impact on their audience than before.

TikTok: testing a horizontal full-screen mode

TikTok is taking user experience to the next level by testing out a horizontal full-screen mode with selected users. Instead of being confined to vertical videos, select users will be able to watch their favorite creators and discover new people in an expanded canvas that covers the whole screen of their device.

This brand-new viewing experience, which may soon become available for all TikTok users, promises a more immersive way to take in content, allowing us to glimpse the true power of visual storytelling.


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