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Build a sleek website from ground up in one of the most competitive niche’s in the Houston-area. ASTOUNDZ was tasked to drive relevant organic traffic to the website through on-page content optimization.



Residential home services is an extremely competitive niche in the Houston area. Driving qualified traffic from the relevant neighborhoods where Brickmoon works in was a key challenge to overcome. 


Since launching the site, we have seen a 10% increase in organic traffic year over year. With organic traffic making up around 48% of all website traffic, this year over year increase is extremely important for Brickmoon Design. Organic search now makes up 62% of the website’s traffic.

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When comparing 2018 website data to 2017, ASTOUNDZ SEO has led to key increases of:


increase in organic sessions


increase in new organic users


increase in unique organic pageviews

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