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More Than You Can Imagine


More Than You Can Imagine carries an extensive inventory of luxury fashion consignment items and needed a way to catalog and organize them within an eCommerce website. They needed a website with a great user experience that guided shoppers to the items they were looking for. The site also needed to have agile inventory management for a diverse range of products yet allow for quick listing of incoming consignment items.



The biggest challenge was building the site architecture in a user friendly layout while also making the inventory inuitively navigable for a broad diversity of items and maintaining the integrity of search optimization.


Another glowing review from our ASTOUNDZed client: 

“The ASTOUNDZ team went above and beyond expectations and delivered a polished, professional eCommerce website that we are thrilled to show off and our customers love it! Our brick-and-mortar store now has an incredible online presence, extending our reach beyond foot-traffic, and resulting in an increase of over 54% in sales within our first 2 months since going live. We have enjoyed working with ASTOUNDZ and would recommend them for any and all web design, SEO and eCommerce work.”

– VICKI RIZZO, President/Owner

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increase in organic users 60 days from going live



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